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Hi, I'm DuckMasterAl! I develop discord bots, like Quacky Bot, and love Ducks 🦆

Projects 💻

Currently, my main project is Quacky Bot, but I also work on this website and other small projects.

I also work with HarryPGaming on Youtube!

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Quacky is a Moderation and Utility bot to help your Server Moderators!
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This is The Quacky Support Bot used in the Quacky Support Server!
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grain of sand is an artist and twitch streamer.
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A bot to help you with moderation, provide fun, and more.
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Chatwind provides a free video meeting software for everyone to use.

Other Projects I've Helped With

HarryPGaming is a UK based Minecraft & Tutorial YouTuber with around 270 subscribers!
Discord Extreme List is an unbiased Discord Bot, Server, and Template List!